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2020 Gun Raffle

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Three Chances to Win !

Three tickets will be drawn. In the order of the draw, three winners will be selected. With only 1000 tickets being solid, this presents impressive odds for winning one of the three prizes. In the order of ticket numbers drawn, there will be a 1st prize, 2nd prize and 3rd prize.

1st Prize

Gun of your choice !

Choose one of the following:

Marlin 30/30 Lever Action
Remington 783 .270 or .308
Winchester Super X Longbeard
Remington 870
Winchester SXP Waterfowl
Browning X Bolt Stalker
Franchi Affinity
Henry Lever Action
Browning Citori

The first ticket number drawn will win one of the guns listed. The winner will choose. Upon selection we will have the gun shipped from our licensed firearms dealer directly to the federally licensed firearms dealer of your choosing. There are several color options available for your choosing. Alternatively, if you have a different gun in mind and it fits within the listed value range, we can accomodate that for you.     Value - $500.00 to $1800.00

2nd Prize

Yeti Tundra Haul Cooler

The second ticket number drawn will win a brand new Yeti Tundra Haul Cooler in the color of your choice. From the Yeti website... "Our first-ever YETI cooler on wheels is the answer to taking Tundra's® legendary toughness and unmatched insulation power the extra mile. And nothing was sacrificed in the making of this cold-holding powerhouse"     Value - $399.00

3rd Prize

Orvis Shooting Bag, Shooting Gloves and Adaptive Hearing Protestion

The third ticket number drawn will recieve an Orvis shooters kit. This will include the rugged canvas and leather kit bag, form fitting sheepskin leather shooting gloves and a set of the Orvis adaptive hearing protection ear plugs.     Value - $340.00

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The Austin Education Foundation is a nonprofit 501c3 that gives out college scholarships annually. We are currently holding a fundraiser raffling off three great prizes. So with three prizes there are three chances to win! See below for details. Tickets are sold securely through Buying a raffle ticket will support our purpose and be greatly appreciated. Only 1000 chances will be sold… each chance or ticket is only $20.00. Thanks for your support.

This raffle will run until all 1000 tickets are sold.

SC registed raffle ID R77501842 .

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